Thursday, 19 April 2012

Vogue is my bible, and amen to fashion!

And Sarah Jessica Parker couldn't be any more right in my opinion! My dream in life is to become a fashion writer/journalist for a fashion glossy magazine. If i could work for Company Magazine or Elle or Vogue, my life would be complete. I believe fashion is simply something that nobody can live without and its brilliant that we can explore new and lovely ways to make people feel comfortable, pretty and happy in what their wearing. I believe that sometime your clothes can represent parts of your personality. Fashion is just simply what makes the world go round (and money and love of course)

Friday, 6 April 2012

To pastel or not to pastel? That is the question.

href="http:// So many pretty candy colours are hitting the catwalks this season! With florals and lace too, pastel colours are the ultimate girly girl feel. If your not so much into all of these light colours, you can always team it up with something grunge! Like a leather jacket, studs, whatever you like really! But let these lovely pastel colours make you feel pretty too! Like this Beautiful baby blue blazer from Topshop for only £40. So go make yourself feel like the wonderful women you are!