Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

summer! And you girls know what that means, it's time to wack the legs out! Denim shorts, bralets and floral dresses, yup it's all coming back! So start tanning, relaxing and just soak up the sun. However, if your like me, tanning isn't always easy. Yarika for spray tan! I'm going to be posting a few numbers of what I think will be in all of your wardrobes, and make up bags this summer! So let's get started. Let's start with dresses, Asos are doing a beautiful collection of them at the moment, that are all perfect for summer and nights out. Take this one for instance, Looks like something fitted for a tea party. It's yellow and floral! How styled for summer could you get? And ladys its also in the sale for £20.00 so get buying!!! Xoxo


  1. Love the link. the collar is beautiful.

    and yea for summer..florar prints are awesome!
    check my top :)

  2. I'm super excited for summer! Can't wait to bring out my shorts and dresses!

  3. Hy sweetie! love your blog! wanna follow each other?:X

  4. Nice blog! You have great photos and content and your gorgeous. New Follower! Kisses from US