Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Funny Face

Recently, i've become a sort of Audrey Hepburn fanatic. I've watched all the films including the oh so famous "breakfast at tiffanys" and bought a poster to go in my room off her. I've even visted the V&A to see the outfits she wore.
I wasn't sure at first what it was that made me take a shine to Audrey but now i look on it, i think it was to do with her charming nature and wit. Not to mention her great style of Fashion!
So, yesterday i was casually looking for magazines to add to my daily collection, and i came across the new Tatler magazine. I hadn't actually read that publication before. Naturally, i decided to take a cheeky peak.
Not only does it have great journalist pieces in it but it also had lots and lots and lots of unseen photographs of Audrey. Every single photo captured her innocence and beauty.
Oh Audrey, you and your stray cat might not have belonged to anybody but you certainly belonged in the media industry!!!